The NFL Must Save Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens

In the end Terrell Owens gave everything he had to the NFL and the NFL profited mightily from his hard work. Now that Owens needs the NFL they are not looking his way.

From 2001 to 2007 Owens was the best football player in the game. No other player dominated his position like Owens in that time frame. On the field Owens was money and off it he was box office. The wide receiver was the topic of every barbershop or beauty salon and drove the NFL’s ratings through the roof.

He made the San Francisco 49ers relevant once Jerry Rice retired, helped the Philadelphia Eagles reach the Super Bowl, and made the Dallas Cowboys must see T.V. No.81 was the NFL and the league soaked it up, to the tune of a new national televised station and a billion dollar television contract. Everyone benefited from Owens’ play AND his antics, except the player.

Owens’ appearance on Dr. Phil showed us the man behind the fame

Unfortunately, while a player’s career can vary based on production, location, and desire it seems to many player’s careers are ending the exact same. These very endings have become predictable and tragically pathetic, which brings us to one Terrell Eldorado Owens.

On Tuesday May 29th, Owens was released from the Allen Wranglers, who are an indoor football team. The official report was the indoor football team released Owens for not adhering to his contract. Regardless, of their reason the Hall-of-Fame receiver had absolutely no business playing in an Indoor Football League for weekend warriors.

Therein lies the problem, Owens is in desperate need of help. During his playing days many people found the time to criticize and capitalize on the receiver publicly, yet now in what has escalated from a simple cry for help to a boisterous yell is willing to extend a hand ……..publicly.

For all his fiasco Owens was splendor and production as well as. That achievement now leaves him just 35 catches shy of third all-time in NFL history in receptions. Yet the wide receiver remains unemployed, partly because he is high maintenance “allegedly”.

More issues with the Eagles may have had black-ball effect on Owens around the NFL

However, since when is the NFL a league of docile and emotionally fragile, last we check the league was for Gladiators not Glee fans. No one cared when Owens ruffled feathers, as long as the checks got cut and ESPN was parked outside. Today, the wide receiver that roared would be a valuable piece to a championship puzzle, but no one wants to see if he fits.

The thought that a player can have career-threatening neck surgery and a still be a viable option for some teams. While a player who did nothing more than talk constantly is regarded as a risk is baffling.

Let us all be realistic, Owens was not only the best player in the league at one point he was the face of the league for better or worse at one point. The NFL relished in it and their pockets were rewarded for his antics, the very same antics that they now point to for justification of his exile.

A warrior’s actions in battle should never be judged against him in life. Yes Owens was extreme and yes he alienated, agitated, and irritated when he was at the top of his game, but he never gave you anything short then 100% on the field.

That should be reciprocated to him in his time of need. Let us be clear Owens can still play in the NFL, the question is if the NFL will allow him to play.

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