Fantasy Corner: Rookie QB’s


Rookie QB‘s comes down to these three points:

  • The QB’s you expect to perform from day one will, in one way or another, perform from day one.
  • The QB’s most people are nervous about…You should be nervous about too.
  • For the right price on draft day, either RGIII or Luck is worth a roster spot on your team…but neither are worth gambling your whole season on as your main QB.

That’s really it.  Easiest article I’ll write all off-season.  Not much of a need to say more….but just to make my editor happy, I present to you the four QB’s taken in the first round:


Robert Griffin III                Redskins             Unquestionable starter

I’m in the camp of people expecting a better rookie season from RGIII than Luck.  That is not a statement of career trajectories, though.  Nor is it an extrapolation of RGIII’s running abilities compared with Cam Newton‘s success of last year.  I just think Washington has better offensive weapons already in place.  Their offensive line is better than Indy’s too.  RGIII will enjoy a better supporting cast than Luck….in year one, at least.


Andrew Luck                      Colts                    Unquestionable starter

If you haven’t been familiar with Luck for a while now, then you’re either new to football or else…No, actually that’s the only reason I can think of.  The Colts went offensive-heavy in their draft this year.  So it’s clear where that their number one priority is giving this guy every chance to succeed from day one.  I’m not a big fan of their offensive line or running backs…but Reggie Wayne has another season or two in the tank and Austin Collie – if he can stay healthy – is a great talent as well.


Brandon Weedon              Browns                Likely Starter, unsure yet

Personally, I view Weedon’s “advanced age” as a benefit to him, as a rookie.  His career may be shortened down the road – but increased life experience and maturity can only help a player hit the ground running.  The bigger issue here is that aside from other first round draft pick Trent Richardson, the team really lacks any other play-makers.  Most rookie QB’s that succeed do so typically with the help of talented wide-outs.  Greg Little is still a project…and I’m hard-pressed to name too many other WR’s on that team without looking at the roster.  Some experts question his NFL-readiness, as well.

The result of all this?  Someone to track during the season.  Maybe worth a pick up at some point…probably not worth drafting in seasonal leagues.


Ryan Tannehill                  Dolphins              Who knows

To be fantasy relevant this year, all Tannehill would have to do is beat out two veteran QB’s for the starting gig…and silence every one of his critics with his poise, NFL-readiness and impressive weekly stat lines….  all while throwing to a group of WR’s that, at best, could be considered mediocre.

I feel like the use of our time here could be better spent talking about his wife.  Take note gentleman:   If you’re about to get rich and famous and are dating someone who loved you before all that rich and fame…Might not be a bad idea to lock her up and marry her.  Particularly if she’s hot.  On behalf of all guys everywhere, good job bro.

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